Sellier Kelly Bag 28cm Rose Extreme Epsom Palladium Hardware


Hermes Kelly 28cm Rose Extreme Epsom Pink Sellier Bag D Stamp, 2019
Just purchased from Hermes store. Bag bears new interior 2019 D Stamp.
Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine condition (with plastic on hardware).
Perfect gift! Comes with keys, lock, clochette, shoulder strap, sleeper, rain protector, and orange Hermes box.
The best pink to come from Hermes in several years, Rose Extreme is a vibrant pink that is bright and gorgeous.
Fresh palladium hardware gives this Kelly a modern and sophisticated look.
In the most coveted 28cm size that is versatile for day or night.
Low-maintenance Epsom leather is resistant to stains and scratches.
The structure of this Sellier Kelly adds the perfect polish to every casual or formal look.
Wear it with sneakers, wear it with heels and a dress.
This is a super chic Kelly you will love for a lifetime!
Breloque charm not included.

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